County Bake Off

Brownies have started taking part in the County Bake off Challenge. This includes decorating buns, making biscuits, making a main meal and a drink. Time will tell to see if Calder does well at County level but there has been a lot of fun getting there.

Brownies use their imagination to help the Dogs 

3 girls from St Mary's Brownies, Mirfield won prizes in The Dogs Trust creative writing competition in Birstall. Louise Robinson and Grace Moorhouse were runners up in writing an adventure story about a dog and both won a prize, The star though was Alexandra Widgery whose story won first prize - a day helping at The Dogs Trust re-homing Centre in Leeds. Alex said ' I am so excited about helping look after the dogs in the school holidays, I cant wait to go' 'Emma Rodrigues, who is in training as a brownie leader praised the girls work saying ' I was so impressed with the quality of their work - it was imaginative but showed the brownies understood the importance of caring for the dogs.
Pictured are the girls at the Birstall Dogs Trust within Pets at Home.

25th Anniversary

2012 saw the 25th Anniversary of Rainbows so three Mirfield units got together to celebrate in style. After fundraising for 9 months the leaders were able to put on a fabulous fairy party with the help of Make a Wish entertainment. The girls played games and did crafts and went away with fairy goodie bags after a fabulous magical day! A big thank you to all the leaders involved and an even bigger thank you to all the local businesses and individuals who donated towards the day.

Mirfield Show

Mirfield's district commissioner pulled together the troops in August for the annual Mirfield show. This year it was decided to offer something other than face painting and we ran a very successful craft stall allowing childern to make their own balloon monsters whilst we chatted to parents. The damp weather didn't seem to put many people off and the show seemed to still be a great success. Thanks to everyone who helped out....

National Volunteer Week

1st to 7th June - Calder Division are highlighting the need for volunteers in Girlguiding with displays planned in various public areas.  Mirfield Library, Mirfield Health centre and Thornhill Library have already offered space. If you can offer space in your public area please let us know on our contact page.

Ministry of Chocolate
The Ministry of Chocolate has been visiting Mirfield Brownies and 12th, 2nd and 14th have enjoyed his superb evening. They learnt all about cocoa beans and chocolates history- even holding and tasting real cocoa nuts and beans. They learnt how to use all their sense to identify perfect chocolate and then got to make their own chocolate treats and lollies.  The fair trade chocolate used was delicious and the girls enjoyed inventing new chocolate ideas. One group created a whole display including - Coco -Loco, Twirly - Whirly and Ginger Surprise chocolates then role played selling their box called Chocofun to Asda.

12th Brownies making Sweet Treats

12th Brownies with the Minister of Chocolate
Animal In Tuition
Animal In Tutuion recently visited Mirfield Rainbows and Brownies.  The girls were introduced to Frank the Cockerel, Dennis and Ziggy the snakes, Gary Gecko, Malcolm the giant millipede, Gavin and Stacey the cockroaches and Lucy the sugar glider.  Although perhaps the scariest was Cruella the Tarantula:


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