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This page is so we can keep some of the pictures we have collected and hopefully showcase the activities we do over the years



Heidi, District Commissiner for Mirfield presents a Baden Powell Award


More Japanese activities



Guides Enjoy a Japenese themed Evening to learn more about Japan ahead of the 23rd Scouting Jamboree

Mummy Madness!

We held a Newspaper Challenge night and it was so funny!  As they had to do “mummy race!”

Easter Bonnet with whiskers :)
Guides Easter Bonnet Parade

Guides' Christmas tree for Trinity's Christmas Tree Fayre
                                               Guides enjoy a Visit to the ATC
and get to fly on the Simulators

Bradley Woods Guide camp enjoy the Sunshine
Guides get to try pyrography at recent sleepover                  
Guides get to try pyrography at recent sleepover
Cresta Run at Bradley Woods - not for the faint hearted
Guides at campfire at Bradley Woods Sept 2013
 The finished cup cake
After puting jam into the cup cakes the guides had to concentrate to ice on the buttercream
Baden Powell awards are always special
Thornhill Guides helping Island Truffles make Truffles
The chief Guide visits the girls at the "WYS" Camp
Guides enjoying archery at "WYS Alive" camp
Dixie tried Archery at Bradley woods
Muddy weekend at "WYS Alive" at Bradley Woods July 2012
Ready for a ducking!
Dodgems at Flamingo Land 2012
7th Mirfield at Flamingo Land
7th Guides on the CLIFF HANGER at Flamingo Land July 2012
7th Guides Chinese New Year Night
7th Guides Chinese New Year Night
Diamond Day bags by the Guides
Diamond Day bags by the Guides
Guides made some amazing cakes for the Division
Diamond Day

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