September 2013 saw the older Brownies from Calder join in the county event at Bradley woods camp - Pzazz.  A day full of activities to introduce older Brownies to Guides. The girls tried a mixture of events including outdoor cooking and tent building as well as trying out some of the go for it badges including the always popular Chocolate Go For It. Chocolate stuffed Bananas cooked on the outdoor fires were a highlight as well as mini raft building for Barbie.  It was a beautiful sunny day which culminated in a camp fire with songs and stories led by Gilly and his team at Bradley woods.

Brownies sitting amongst the many bottles donated for raft buidling

A successful raft for two Barbies

Journey Through The Seasons 2013 Division Event

Almost 200 rainbows, brownies, guides, senior section , leaders and volunteers gathered for Calder Divisions annual Division Event. The theme this year was 'Four Seasons' which couldnt be more opt as the girls started gathering on a glorious summers day, having been postponed from March when we had thick snow.
Rainbows, enjoyed planting bizzy lizzies, making fairy promise fairies and flower whirlies. Brownies made grass head characters with the favourites being named 'bob ' ???!!!, made their own chocolate lipbalm, decorated bags and even made christmas angels. Guides made some beautiful perfumed candles, keyrings, ice cream in a bag and worked in groups on a presentation to promote a country.
The event was finished off with a small service by Guider Carole Wilson who stepped in as an honory Vicar again and gave a small presentation on the seasons linking with the changes in our promise, Couty Commissioner Jill Webb visited for a very special presentation of a 50 year badge to Dianne Rigg, to which one rainbow proclaimed 'wow '.
A super time was had by all thanks to a fantastic planning team.

Brownies creating chocolate flavoured lip balm

Rainbows show off their finished flower whirlies.

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