Jubilee Celebration

Calder Division got together in May to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee with a 'Diamond Day' event

The Rainbows enjoyed lots of fun activites including making their own crowns which they all wore proudly all day

The Brownies tackled a Royal Quiz as one of their activties during the day

The Guides got to grips with cake decorating with a Jubilee theme

Soon the room was full of Guiding queens

For all the girls hardwork winners were chosen to receive special handmade badges as a reward for the
best designs in Rainbows, Guides and Brownies. We then lucky enough to have Mayor Pindar to present
the winners.

Finally after a wonderful day all the girls received an embroidered badge but our winning designer recieved
a framed version from Mayor Pindar who has Mirfield Town Council's representative also took one to display
in the council offices as the council had been kind enough to pay for the badges.

The Winning Badge

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